Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ski Day

            Last week the kids and I went skiing. We had a great time. 100% better  from   the last time we tried. I had them take another lesson since the last one didn't count. Brighton was packed, but it didn't feel like it on the mountain. Not a ton of people hang out around the bunny hill, so we were ok.  Of course, we still had a few melt downs, but overall it was a blast.   

           We can't wait to go again. We stayed from open to close. I wish the sport wasn't so expensive or we would go all the time. I love watching the little kids learning to ski and snowboard. One kid looked like he was 3 yrs old. Brit wants to learn to snowboard, but I want her to get skiing first. The weather and fresh powder was PERFECT!!  So Justin was suppose to come too, but decided at the last minute he had to much  homework. LOSER..... Oh well,  he missed out on a fabulous time.

Yeah, I think I'm going pro. Tammy Stone coming to a Winter Olympics near you!!

By the end of the day, the kids were taking the lift by themselves. The staff were so friendly and willing to help if you fell getting off. I'm proud to say, I didn't fall once!!

Last picture before we left for the day. The sun was going down. So sad, we didn't want to leave.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5k Baby

So it' official. I'm running a 5k.


I'm not a runner. What am I thinking???/ I run like a turtle, slow and steady.

The race is scheduled for super bowl weekend. Jared wanted to sign us up for the 10k, but I told him he's smokin' crack. Let's start small ....ok babe.

At least I can run my ass off then pig out the next day. Yippie!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fab Holiday Season

The last few wks have been great. Some firsts for the Stone family.

1) White Christmas in El Paso
2) Sledding on sand (White Sands NM)
3) Seeing the world's biggest pistachio
4) Missing one child...........boo hoo. I hate this growing up thing!!
5) And finally skiing. 

          The kids before they tore into everything
  The biggest kid trying not to break anything
              My little family
Apple Farm

My nut by the biggest nut
To top it off we went skiing. I've been wanting to do this for yrs. So for my birthday we went. I didn't however, ask for 2 sick children and melt downs.  Nothing like spending all that money to only stay for 2 hrs. LAME!!