Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Night

This yr, I wanted to make sure we made it out to see the lights at the Salt Lake City temple. Regardless, of your faith it's a wonderful and beautiful experience. Of course, I had to pick one of the coldest nights this winter. I really had no choice, because of my work schedule. Last yr, I put it off and we never made it. So I was determined to go, regardless of the weather.  20' out wouldn't have been my first choice.

Once we got there the kids really loved it. Lots of jumping around by all just to keep warm. We just couldn't walk fast enough. It was SO freakin' cold outside!!!

We were able to get right up next to the temple too. So of course, I had to take pictures.

Oh why can't I remember to bring my camera???? My cell is OK, but not the best quality.  Sorry about the pics.

After walking around we went to dinner at The Garden Restaurant upstairs in the Joseph Smith building. The food was so yummy. Once we sat down, I did some recon. I love that I have to remind my kids that we're in a nice place. Please.... oh please ....act on your best behavior.!!

I loved that we sat against the window so we could see the temple. Of course, Luke wouldn't poss for this pic. Every time I tried I would get something like this one. OH WELL .. We did managed to cram our food down to make it to the movie on time.
To top off the night, we watched a movie in the Legacy theater. It was a great way to remind the kids about the true meaning of Christmas. We're going to make this a new Stone tradition. I can't wait to share it with Jared.

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