Friday, December 2, 2011

Tardy Like Ususal

Well...I made it!! 

Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went sledding in Park City with The Fosters. As always, we had a wonderful time. The only downer were the lines. We showed up at noon right when they opened. We were hoping it wouldn't be that busy, but we were smokin' crack. Well, it wasn't at first. Then it started to pick up. Because, we're freaks and want to get in as many runs as possible. We couldn't get up the hill fast enough. We were SO obsessed with how long it took us from start to finish. I would time our wait in line. Usually, it was 15 minutes or so. Then it really started to jump. By then, our 2 hrs were almost over.....SO SAD!! 

I think we all turned into little kids in a candy shop. Smiles all around.  Overall, I think everyone had fun, EVEN LORD JON!! The best part was linking up as a big group and flying down the hill. I love to watch my kids smiling and laughing together. Having Jared with us was icing on the cake.  AHHH so tender!!

So cute!!

Who invited Rudolph???

Lord Jon of Cinnamon Ridge

Lunch time after a hard afternoon of sledding. Much needed food.

Emma Jo

Thanksgiving weekend was completely full of stress, fun, laughter, and tears. Can't wait till next yr!!

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