Monday, November 21, 2011

Negative Nelly

Lately, I've been completely negative. Just the thought of hearing another love story makes me vomit. Edward this or Jacob that!!! Yuck Yuck Yuck!! I'm so OVER this Twilight crap. One more yr till the last movie comes out. What will the nuts job do with themselves???

I'm on a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I'm singing Christmas songs in the car with the kids and the next cussing out the dog for crapping in the house.  I feel really bad for the dog since it's my fault. He tried to tell me, but I wouldn't get my lazy butt out of bed  yesterday. At least I feel better today. I should be bouncing off the walls since Jared is coming home in a few days. I am really excited about that its just hard, because he's only home for a few days. Life does suck with out him. :(

At least I know I'm not pregnant.  LOL

Usually, this is my favorite time of year. I need some Christmas spirit...

Done anyone have some they can share???

The Grinch 

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